I want to learn to fix it cheap as possible. Then the Ultimate Boot CD is for you! Another common thing is for the data cable to be separated from the connector contacts a bit after you have removed a cable – there should be no gap between the data cable and the connector – if there is press the cable against the connector to eliminate the gap. If you set the floppy drive as the first boot device it will be checked to see if a bootable disk is in place. You have helped me a long way so far!

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What IDE cable are you using?

MS | Hp MS GV Socket Motherboard

The four item in the mso appears to be the correct file. Thanks for guiding me through this so far. Look vef the specs and the picture of the mboard.

Dj, Remove all memory modules. I reconnected the 6. Eventually you will be asked to choose your Time Zone, Location and Keyboard language – I find it easiest to just use the default US keyboard layout your default keyboard may be different; I’m in Canada but most people here use keyboards that have the US keyboard layoutor you can choose a South African one of you have a South African layout key placement arrangement on your keyboard. I had to first go learn 6741 more computer terms and definitions for my first ever computer fixing attempt.

If you have neither and can’t get one from someone you know, if you want video on thethen you’ll need to either leave the card on the for the time being, or buy another video card, new or used. Check the clear CMOS jumper to verify it is set in the run position.


For the time being, you could just install it and see how it goes with Adobe CS4. The data cable must be oriented so that the bump in the connector is facing up at the drive end. Or, you set the drive to Master, Single – you have no jumper on the drive when it’s by itself on the Primary data cable connection, and you connect the optical mis to the secondary IDE header and jumper it as Master, or you jumper both drives Cable Select, an have them on the end connector, not the middle connector, on a 3 connector data cable, when they’re by themselves on the data cable.

Thanks for staying with me throughout my curiosity – I am so happy that I learned so much, and I am so grateful that experts took the time to help 66714 beginner like me to learn so much, and in the process I gained more and more confidence to start looking at building my next computer after this old MS is fully resurrected.

The end connector that plugs into the mboard must be msl the end that has no wires in the data cable that change positions between there and the middle connector on a 3 connector data cable.

I’ve heard that you can download Windows 3. I listened very closely and there was no sound from the floppy drive. You may be able to identify the BIOS type by reading the name on the chips on the board.

That’s not as common for the guys. You first said vver wasnot If you have an internal floppy drive, it’s quite easy to do the procedure of providing the SATA drive controller drivers you need on a floppy disk while loading the initial files from an XP CD. I suggest you verify the existing hardware is good before buying a hard drive.


So I thought or wondered that the boot loader loads the OS from the CD, into the RAM, from where it is operable while powered, and from where one can optionally choose to store install the OS into a non-volatile place – a hard drive – and that the hard drive is merely a larger and more convenient storage device than a CD: This confused me, wondering whether they meant a 8.

If a file has a. There should be NO bytes in bad sectors listed. I reseated every plug and module on the board, and still no power.

MSI MS-6714 Manuals

NOTE that the diagnostics can only detect that the drive is presently using the size and parameters the bios is presently detecting you could try setting the drive detection in the bios to Auto detection, or Manual detection – LBA – and type in the parameters vee the labelbut you MAY be able to change the mode nsi drive is in with a feature available in the diagnostics, which will change the size and parameters the bios detects.

Tell us what the Version Ver x. So either – all my 1.

And now I have already learned so much: 614 is the only hard drive connected. I have seen one do this because of overheat. OtheHill, In response to In Windows ME and below you used Fdisk for the software partitioning, then Format, in two separate steps.

I typed in as follows according to what I read on the actual hard drive: