I installed the driver http: Please login or register. Presumably you purchased the KT3 Ultra to replace a defunct motherboard in your Tiny computer. Thanks for trying to help. The problem is fixed after I removed my modem.

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This is getting very frustrating. I installed the driver http: The following error or errors occurred while this message: I use a CNR modem, but only for faxing it works fine and does not effect the sound.

Please login or register. If souns dont have any suggestions then maybe you can link me to a site that sells the female connectors for my front panel audio and i can just use the sound with them. But I am having a problem with its AC97 onboard sound.

Is thier anyway that i can fix it by hardware? I tried reinstalling the drivers and everything, i checked the windows volume control and it was all balanced in the center, i am preety sure its a hardware problem.


I did that on a board I set up a couple sounv ago KT3, non ultra and then just upgraded to the latest version of the driver Results 1 to 7 of 7. WinXP ms-6308e find and install a driver for the sound during the setup. Thank you all very much for helping. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. I tried to vacumm the sound jacks, just incase anything was caught in there, nothing.

AC97 Audio-MS e-right output only

Do you have a PCI modem? They can cause problems if they are on the same IRQ as the sound chip.

Sorry if this is a silly questionbut did you enable the sound it the BIOS? The time now is If this is the case adding a new motherboard to a computer with an existing operating system can cause problems.

MSI MS-6380E – motherboard – ATX – Socket A – KT333 Series

So I got myself a KT3 Ultra. What PCI cards are fitted to your computer? Anyway, it’s ok for me to remove the modem, I never use it.


I went to retighen the male connector, make sure my AUX wire wanst broken, and tried different speakers, but the right is out on everything. All times are GMT Joined Jun Posts What operating soun are you using? Joined Jun Location U. Home Help Search Login Register.

Im preety sure its a physical malfunction. Presumably you purchased the KT3 Skund to replace a defunct motherboard in your Tiny computer. The problem is fixed after I removed my modem.

When i went to turn on my computer today, everyone booted up as normal and everything posted, but it was strange when i got into windows and the sound only played out ns-6380e right speaker. Thanks for trying to help. Custom Computers of Naples, Inc.