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The browser’s JavaScript engine supports Event Listeners. If you ever find a price lower than what is quoted by us, let us know and we will try to match it or beat it. URI Scheme Tel – restricted -. This is a common practice. The browser’s JavaScript engine supports console. The marketing name for a chipset.

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Just contact us and provide us with the details of your broadband modem.

EDGE – restricted. The device is able to perform voice calls using cellular connectivity. JS XHR – restricted. OS Windows Mobile – restricted.

The device is capable of connecting to WiFi momodesignn. OS Windows Phone – restricted. The color depth of a display. The supplier of the web browser.

Tablet, Mobile Phone, etc. However, once the lock is removed, you will be able to use it without any problem with any carrier that you prefer.


MOMODESIGN MD-3 puts some style in the DVB-H game

Data Explorer Explore and analyze DeviceAtlas data. Video Player WMV – restricted.

OS Windows RT – restricted. CSS Transitions – restricted.

MOMODESIGN [email protected] Mini specification –

The browser’s JavaScript engine supports Geo Location. AMR – restricted. The ability of the web browser to start a new SMS message when a URI is defined with the protocol smsto followed by a telephone number e. Wi-Fi – restricted.

The device is a set-top box. Primary hardware type, e. The name or type of the browser [email protected]@ engine used by the browser.

Also known as CSS resolution. OS Family – restricted. The software will merely remove the lock permanently. On the next reboot, if everything went smoothly you can see the result on your settings menu Is Media Player – restricted. The ability to display a PNG image embedded in a mobile web page, using a tag such as img or object.


JS Session Storage – restricted.

MOMODESIGN [email protected] Mini

Screen Width – restricted. Are you a developer? GSMliberty is an incorporated company, we’ve been unlocking cell phones for 12 years now and strive to provide the best service for our clientele. If the unlock software fails to unlock your modem, mpmodesign will refund your payment in full.

JS Json – restricted. Is Set Top Box – restricted .