Additionally, you can use an optical mouse on almost any surface, whereas a ball mouse needs a mouse pad in order for the rubberised ball to roll properly. The Mouseman Dual Optical does not offer the force feedback functionality of its gyrating brethren, but what it lacks in useless and at times frustrating technological advances it makes up for in sheer performance. There will certainly be those who will argue that Razer’s Boomslang offerings are technically superior for gaming purposes, and indeed they are Whether you like drawing circles in Photoshop or just killing folks in Quake 3 , if you’re looking for the current absolute in performance than this, my friend, is it. But while the additional sensor does create a noticeable upping of smoothness, if you already have a reasonably decent optical mouse, such as Logitech’s own previous in the line, then an upgrade is not an absolute must but rather a guilty pleasure. My eyes are on fire! See, I, like many other enthusiast gamers, am a complete idiot.

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The unique feature of the Dual Optical is that it uses two optical sensors to track the movement of the mouse instead of one. Oh, my poor, misguided little child And while I certainly can’t guarantee it’ll remain functional when you opticak it around by its cord proclaiming yourself king of the Ewoks, you should be happy rual know that it survived a substantial crack against the wall when I so unceremoniously lost to my brother in a little Aliens vs.

Whether you like drawing circles in Photoshop or xual killing folks in Quake 3if you’re looking for the current absolute in performance than this, my friend, is it. When I first installed it, the mouse pointer would frequently just freeze without warning and I would have to reboot the computer.

Logitech Mouseman Dual Optical Wired Mouse USB Ps2

Fellow PC editor Dan “My raging alcoholism is only outshone by my unsettling use of profanity” Adams came by and swiped it. I meant any reasonable surface desks, chairs, imported mail-order Russian wife’s back Poor mouse drivers will kill your gaming experience.


An optical mouse features a tiny camera at the bottom of the mouse, which takes pictures of the surface underneath at a rate of thousands per second. Case in point, I opted to do a clean reformat and reinstall on my home system not too long ago.

Logitech Mouseman Dual Optical Wired Mouse USB Ps2 | eBay

But I suppose I could have just been picky when I criticized its unnatural requirement of a fifteen-minute warm-up before it would scroll left, because who duzl to scroll to the left anyway?

As the foggy air clears I hear you ask, “But then how is this particular optical mouse any better than the others? But in my case, this was actually turned into something of use Low and behold my UT performance was inexplicably erratic. And you never feel comfortable touching someone else’s, or worse yet, vile public ones as they’re the filthiest and most unreliable. Your thumb will for the most part drag alongside the mouse during use, no different than any other really. Mechanical mice rely on a rubberised ball at the bottom of the mouse that mpuseman in a specific direction based on which way the mouse is moving.

Normally my only means of defense would be to girlishly slap at the air in hopes that a swing from one of my flailing, frail arms would accidentally clip the bagel and send it to the floor and subsequently my mouth. Browsing the Internet with a mouse complete with wheel and two thumb buttons is ecstasy compared to the Klingon molestation that is the standard mouse the wheel for scroll with one thumb button designated as forward, and the other back.

Logitech Mouseman Dual Optical Review – IGN

They also offer one other primary advantage over balled mice, and that’s their ability to opptical on virtually any surface. After examining the llgitech I immediately realised that this mouse was designed for right-handed people, so it looks like all you lefties have been denied yet again.


But then who really does? Optical mice will always run smoothly so long as they function. Provided you don’t care about the whole working thing. Personally, I didn’t have much luck with MouseWare. It’s an absolute must for the enthusiast gamer and avid artist alike.

The color variation on your choice of mousing surface causes these lasers to be picked up by the logitecch at varying levels of intensity, and this is how the movement is tracked. Mice whose characteristics include ridiculously high scroll rates one or two thousand DPIthe Boomslangs are the top of the balled market, the proverbial cream of the crap.

Improper mouse selection can kill an otherwise solid rig steer clear of anything with the words “!!!

Optical mice essentially work on the principle of reflected light. But may not be warranted for the casual user and web surfer, especially if a solid optical mouse is already owned and in use. I’m a stickler for the drivers.

Unlike other mice seemingly compelled to make superficial modifications in design, and underutilized or underdeveloped llogitech in technology, the Logitech Mouseman Dual Optical offers a substantial, quantifiable, and commendable level of performance while still resting on its laurels of functionality and familiarity. There are obvious advantages that come with optical mice when compared to ball mice. Lasers direct light downward that bounce back and trigger sensors.