PhotoRescue is about the best and easiest tool for recovering digital photos I’ve seen. Read on for all the details, but if you’re looking for a super-portable, stylishly different camera, the DiMAGE X50 deserves a close look. In Playback mode, pressing the Display button displays or dismisses the information display. Unlike its predecessors in which the lens was vertically mounted, though, the X50’s lens is horizontally mounted inside the camera’s body – providing better separation between the front of the lens opening and your fingertips when in use. When you half-press the shutter button, a small dot appears in the lower right-hand corner of the LCD indicating whether the camera is focused white dot or not red dot , and a “shaking hand” symbol appears above the focus dot if the shutter speed is slow enough that you’ll need to be careful not to jiggle the camera during the exposure. Exposure is automatically controlled at all times, wi th only a few exposure options available.

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He takes a look back at the first ten years of DPReview’s development from its original conception, through a period of massive growth, to the site’s acquisition by Amazon. And the camera’s independent playback button lets users preview their pictures instantly.

Digital Cameras – Konica Minolta Dimage X50 Digital Camera Review, Information, Specifications

The indoor portrait is acceptable and is again well lit. Test Results In keeping with my standard test policy, the comments given here summarize only my key findings. There is also a Ultra High Speed UHS continuous advance feature that can shoot eleven frames per second to produce images x in size. Small fits into pocket comfortably, and for a 5 megapixel camera some of mionlta best pics I mibolta ever taken.


Konica Minolta updates for A1 and A2. The fact that the lens is horizontally mounted in the center of the camera reduces the chance of covering the lens opening with your finger accidentally, something that could catch out a user unfamiliar with past X-series cameras.

Focal Length Equivalent to 35mm Camera. Like most subcompact digicams, the DiMAGE Xt’s battery life minolfa a little limited, but it does seem to be significantly improved over the battery life of the Xt.

While you’re at it, download the PDF manual and quickstart guide as well. When viewing a slideshow, the left and right buttons skip through the slideshow.

The Dimage X50 is a five megapixel digital camera with a konjca. Click on a thumbnail to see the full-size photo. Zeiss shows hands-on footage of its ZX1 camera with Lightroom integration.

Gear of minllta year – Jeff’s choice: A recently published patent from Canon details the schematics for a medium telephoto macro lens with image stabilization for its new RF mount. Minolta claims minutes in playback mode, and I have no reason to dispute that number. Exposure is automatically controlled at all times, wi th only a few exposure oonica available.

In Record mode, pressing this button once disables the information overlay. Another important factor is that it also scores highly for ease of use.

It you can afford a similar camera that costs more such as the Canon IXUS 50 or the Sony DSC T33 then I would recommend buying one of those, but if you jinolta like to save a few pounds then this is a perfectly acceptable alternative. I get a lot of email from readers who’ve lost photos due to a corrupted memory card.


Konica Minolta DiMAGE X50 and X Digital Photography Review

The optical zoom lens is supported by a 4. A third press switches to a 2×3 display of thumbnail images for rapidly reviewing photos in the camera. Shutter lag is the time it takes to take each picture. Why we haven’t taken a stance on in-body stabilization vs OIS – and why that has changed. My test is carried out indoors under standard conditions and it is possible that you would see better results outside.

Although I always remind readers that digital zoom decreases the overall image quality because it simply enlarges the central pixels of the CCD’s image.

Details like image size and shutter speed can affect the shooting interval, but it averages approximately 1. And here it is. You can also buy an underwater case to go with the camera. With that said, even though there have been a lot of hardware changes made, the Konica Minolta X50 will feel very familiar to owners of earlier X-series models.

Konica Minolta Dimage X50 Review

Playback-Mode Display In playback mode, the default image display shows the most recently captured image, video, or sound file, with an information overlay showing as applicable the resolution and quality setting used, the date and time of capture, the file number, and the sequence number of the image among those currently stored in the memory card.

Be the first to write one! Konica Minolta updates for A1 and A2 Nov 22,