Amends provisions of the Unemployment Insurance Act concerning ineligibility for benefits after a discharge for misconduct. The following changes are effective until January 1, Amends the Code of Civil Procedure. Amends the School Code. Makes a technical change in a Section concerning pleadings. Provides that the Department of Human Services may release information received by the central repository to select representatives of the Department of Children and Family Se

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Repeals the Agricultural Export Advisory Committee.

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Provides that no Senator may be elected to each of the following offices for more then 5 General Assemblies: Provides that, among other restrictions, no legislator may accept or participate in any way in any representation case before the State of Illinois or any unit of local governme In the provision governing the graduation incentive grant program, removes the requirement that the Board of Higher Education annually submit to the Governor and the General Assemb Provides that the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Commission shall be composed of 11 Commissioners currently, members that are appointed by the Governor with the advice and co Provides that a taxpayer is prohibited from introduc Makes changes to provisions concerning the licensure powers of the State Board of Education, the State Educator Preparation and Licensure Board including adding In the definition of “wooded acreage”, provides that the property must be defined as “woodlands” by the United States Department of the Interior currently, defined as “wooded acreage” by the Makes appropriations to various agencies for prior year costs for personal services and State contributions to Social Security.


Amends the Board of Higher Education Act.

Provides that within 90 days after filing an appearance instead of prior to filing any other pleading other than a motion for an extension of time within which to pleada party may ob Provides that a city with a population of 2, or more shall have a sealer of weights and measures and such deputy sealers as may be required rather than allowing a city with a po Creates a tax increment allocation financing extension for an ordinance adopted on August 11, by the City of Monmouth.

Makes a technical change in a Section concerning retention of functions and duties.

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Amends the Vital Records Act. Amends the Criminal Identification Act. Amends the Illinois Income Tax Act. The following changes are effective until January 1, Amends the Criminal Code of Restricts participation in the General Assembly Retirement System to persons who became participants before the effective date.

Amends the Veterans Preference Act. Provides that the purpose of the Act is to ensure that any Act, regulatory or otherwise, enacted in this State shall not create a private right of action unless such a r Amends the Public Utilities Act.

Provides separate benefits for persons who, on or after 6 mo Amends the Legislative Commission Reorganization Act of States the belief that the Illinois Constitution should not be amended to permit a graduated income tax. Defines “hunting license” as an electronic or physical license authorizing the person to take a certain type of animal during a specified period of time.


Provides that, in determining noneconomic damages, the fact finder may not consider: Provides that, if none of the parties joined in good faith as defendants in a civil case are residents of this State, an action against those defendants may be commenced in this State on Amends the Open Meetings Act.

Provides that a law enforcement agency may submit an objection to a license applicant based upon specific and articulable reasons or circumstances rather than a reasonable suspicion Removes the requirement that a person be recommended and approved for placement in the impact incarceration program in the court’s sentencing order.

In Sections concerning the fire truck revolving loan program, the fire station revolving loan program, and the ambulance revolving loan program, provides that repayments of loans Provides that goods or services furnished to the State includes, but is not limited to, services concerning prevention, intervention, or treatment services and supports for youth provid Provides that by March 31 currently, March 1 of each year, the Illinois Department of Labor shall publish and make available on its official website Effective January 1,