Over the years, the iPAQ line has offered some of the best screens in the business. That ROM is chock-full of software extras, including the iPaq fingerprint reader and the Nevo universal-remote-control application. In other words, it’s a hefty handheld, weighing g and measuring 1. With Bluetooth and Wi-Fi turned off and screen brightness set at 50 percent, the 1,mAh Lithium-polymer cell delivered 2 hours and 43 minutes of MP3s. For instance, some police departments are using handheld computers to collect data in the field for each arrest or ticket issued. The Bad Prone to running out of resources, which requires a reset; Wi-Fi saps battery and causes unit to run hot.

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Gigantic-screen phone for a gigantic price. As this PDA’s steep price and features list suggest, the Hwhich supports most existing iPaq sleeves–targets corporate customers and spare-no-cost, mobile professionals who must have the latest and greatest gear. However, it’s far more than a pricey geek toy. Can the H be turned into a cell phone? The battery is always a big consideration with the purchase of a PDA.

Although there are new volume control buttons along the side of the device, we would have preferred a side-scroller for reading. HP provides a standard jacket for travel protection. This device really is aimed at the enterprise or small business user and HP has told us themselves this is exactly where they have their sites targeted.

HP iPaq H Pocket PC Specs – CNET

Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. Full version applications on included CD: I think the point to make here is that this feature is absolutely targeted at the enterprise user.


We’ve changed, we promise. Many Pocket PC vendors ship their devices with a bare-bones software package consisting of little more than Microsoft Outlook and the latest version of ActiveSync, but HP supplies an abundance of riches. The H now officially supports this function.

REVIEW: HP iPaq 5450

The iPaq’s wireless-networking skills are certainly adequate for a handheld, but you shouldn’t expect to browse the Web at anywhere near The H ships with an AC charger, a syncing cradle, and a dongle to charge the removable battery while traveling. There’s also Nevo, a nifty piece of software that transforms your iPAQ into a remote controller.

But the intense competition seems to have galvanised the company, which has now released the breathtakingly powerful H, a handheld that offers integrated Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and biometric functions. All the common Pocket PC buttons reside below the screen, as does the microphone.


HP is not expecting ksb large amount of individual consumers to purchase this PDA though, it is absolutely designed and priced to be an enterprise type of device. However this high specification did not translate into a discernible performance advantage. If that’s not enough, iPAQ users now have the option of replacing the existing battery with a higher-capacity one.

Biometric fingerprint security using built-in fingerprint scanner.

IPAQ 5450 wont sync via usb, but will via serial.

Making sure that information is kept confidential and secure is important, so the would certainly appeal to such an organization. I will mention that the iPaq comes with a couple of great applets for managing the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity.


Some will be disappointed that the button size has reduced, but I found the new smaller style button is actually more responsive than with former iPaq models. The xpixel display is capable of producing 65, colors, and we found it to be uxb, sharp, and easy to read in both dim environments and direct sunlight. Among the most useful of these are Colligo, which lets you share data and chat with others via Bluetooth; Quick View Plus, which allows you to view more than 70 file types; and Peacemaker, which facilitates communication between the iPaq and Palm-based PDAs.

Another great addition to the H is a hardware volume control rocker button. Features A handheld, being a personal device, is often used to store confidential information.

Other than those anomalies, the H has a standard iPaq design in most respects. The exact weight of the device comes in at 7. Above the screen is a speaker, around which you’ll find various colored LEDs that denote, among other things, whether Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are enabled and if your battery is low.

The screen looks good in both dim and bright light. Design In usv of appearance, the H isn’t very ipas different from its series brethren.

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Extreme 8.