I go to devices, reset, restart. NTx86] , add in the hardware ids you noted down previously as shown below. I got them over there: Thank you so much for posting this. The reason why you are getting errors with the google 2 way auth could be because of an old version of the google apps.

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If that doesn’t work then running WebOS Doctor. Aife September 10,1: I’m having trouble with this. The Found New Hardware Wizard appears.

[Q] Problem with Touchpad usb mounting

I just then downloaded moboot though WebOS and used XX Commander to make the directory and move the file to the directory. Everything is downloaded and in the right paths and I didn’t unzip the folders.

Close the dialog box. Udb charging with webOS. Toggle on Search for the best driver in these locations. I simple reboot of the computer fixed this problem.


[Q] Problem with Touchpad usb mounting | HP TouchPad

It actually makes me feel somehow “dirty. Dead Metal May 30,3: I am having same exact problem. Just to note that the CM team has a wiki page for this procedure now here: Specify the folder location of the file winusb. Have you tried every other combination, even if toucnpad have to borrow a cable?

Access TouchPad Storage via USB after Upgrade to CyanogenMod 9 –

Download our Official Android App: Are you supposed to unzip any of these files before running the exe command? About Scott Scott Hanselman is a former professor, former Chief Architect in finance, now speaker, consultant, father, diabetic, and Microsoft employee. Good Luck with trying to fix your TouchPad! However, Browsing, Flash, many apps and Video works fairly well. If necessary, you may need to reboot. A happy Mac User April 15,1: If the touchstone at least charges it then you know that the TouchPad is not the problem!

Am I suppose to have the Touchpad connected? I just updated to the latest version of webOS, maybe that had something to do with it. The reason why you are getting errors with the google 2 way auth could be because of an old version of the google apps. Clearly something is wrong here.


Im pretty content with it. Posted by dominoc at 3: The fact that’s uxb on both TP is gp. This one assume you’re starting from an HP TouchPad that has TouchOS on it or one that already has a built of Android on it but you don’t mind messing it up.

Just to clear some of the stuff up. Right click on My Computer and choose Manage. Then plug it again to the USB port.