Create 3D models for games, virtual reality and flight simulation,Google Earth,sc Monday, February 11, 3: Normally you want to check “I want to share my GPS between several appications”. Collada Collada is a powerful 3D file format that is becoming one of the p rim ar The developer of your aviation software would need to do something similar.

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Franson say that they have no solution so we are forced to stay with Windows 7. Saturday, August 31, 2: As I said before, the right hand of Microsoft has not the faintest idea what the left hand is doing.

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Skype Related Search serial port scanner serial port file transfer ware serial port monitor vfp serial port toolkit hp elite pci serial port driver xp virtual camera serial serial virtual eve 1. Industry-standard drawing tools, flexible color controls, You can save real-time scenarios, and use them for analysis, demonstration, or software development back in the office.


Tuesday, August 27, 9: Rick, Don’t know if mark follows this thread much. If for some reason the individual walks away from the vehicle with the tablet, the internal GPS should take over.

Make sure that the GPS cable is plugged into the communications COM port on your computer and that no other program is using it.

how to create virtual serial port as COM? –

Why have Microsoft not included support for this feature which has worked well for decades? You can choose the port.

The sensors working. Monday, April 8, You must create a virtual com port pair com 1 and com 2, than let gps-gate send output on com 1 and receive the gps data with your application on com 2.

Franson GpsGate

Who is responsible for installing them? I checked on FAQ and:. After 14 days it will automatically convert to the free version with limited features.

Sunday, February 24, 1: Tuesday, August 27, I finally found it, so I thought I would post it for all of you following this thread. HW Virtual Serial Port 3. All my life I bought Microsoft software and now I think about go to Android platform – because that’s where everything works perfectly!


I have it loaded on my Lenovo TPT2, and I am seeing a reasonably accurate location on my Jeppesen flying application, which tends to be pretty finicky.

Windows 8 Virtual Com Port Support

Sunday, February 24, 9: There’s a new section in Device Manager titled “Sensors”, and the various hardware sensors appear there. I will do some tests.

I thought that I’d take a look at Microsoft AutoRoute for myself and check whether it would work with a Windows 8 tablet that had a built-in GPS sensor. No joy so far. You need to quickly cover off both scenarios – provide a transparent layer that will automatically enable legacy GPS apps that require COM port via the “new” location API ie internal sensorsand the opposite: Saturday, May 25, Virtual Chemistry Lab 2.