I found an old credit card useful for separating the top cover. The laptop is working great, but no sound. The sound card is integrated into the motherboard. Message 2 of 6. Find the part number and google it.

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What is your laptop model? Do they not cool well enough even under ideal circumstances? I also bought a little finned aluminum heat sink from Radio Shack, cut it down to fit the height, and thermo bonded it to the chip to help cool it.

Could that have caused it? Any and all help will f70 appreciated. Reinstall the operating system and driver from scratch.

XP Drivers for Presario F700

First the screen went, then power. Thanks hor this page realy made it a fun XP. Are there known issues for the f in this respect?

On power up hear a very short whir g700 fan then nothing. Try removing memory modules one by one and test the laptop with each module separately.


No more trial and errors which might break parts and clips. Any ideas I can try? I have found that an external fan under it or keeping the room really cool helps the overheating problem. Thanks so much for your great site and the help! These directions are very helpful!

Hey, Glad I found this! Different Presario F laptops have different motherboards. It sounds as though the backlight may have been damaged when it fell.

If it fails, nothing is lost since I would have to replace it anyway. Move the knob on the wireless switch actually whatever left from it into the on position with a needle.

Thank you, LT Tech, for the info.

I have a HP F and two days ago it froze up and I attempted task manager and all other options I could think and finally I ended up just lann it down.

I even hardly could shout it down. I restored my system back to the beginning before I installed any other driver to start fresh with the drivers you suggested. My next step is to disassemble the F and check out the switch and any connections to the Motherboard. Test the laptop with each memory module separately.


It appears the time required to find this positioning oan changing and becoming more precise, to the point I feel sooner or later my monitor screen will just stay black. The bigger sticker had these numbers.

magnetic oil sump plug F F F

I had Compaq c laptop. If you have ANY of these laptops, especially the F, chck your warranty. Could anybody help me to solve my Can someone please help me. Or just cant find the right driver? Ask a Question Usually answered in minutes! So i’m not sure which driver to install Next to the video cable in the upper left, under the switch cover Steps 9 and 10 is another cable made of very thin wires.