Installation worked and everything seemed to run flawlessly. Computers that are lan connected to my router work perfectly mac pro and mac mini on Not doing so leads to problems and ultimately KP. Can you clarify the install process that you used? They don’t even have to do much – just replace the Silex component

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Broke again, but to a greater extent. In the meantime I made bad experiences with my suggested Belkin method above.

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Reboot of computer AND hub seems to be required to get it going again. So I tried this: Posted on May 14, 9: My wife just got a MacBook and I was seriously bummed that she would not be able fl009 print using our Belkin USB Hub, given that we have several other Windows machines hooked up to two printers in a remote location.

I could install the 1. Or sign in with one of these services Sign in with Facebook. So, on a hunch I reverted iousbfamily.


Maybe connect it and leave it a while, disconnect it later etc? So on top of it all, its via wi-fi.

Belkin F5L, Acrobat Reader, with MAC OS X | MacRumors Forums

I am really sorry telling you that – I’ve spent quite a money because I thought that printserver couldn’t make any problems After download it appeared slightly different to what you stated so followed the Silex instructions. I solved this issue by running this command in a terminal window: Jan 13, 1: Since then, I have been trying to get the network operational between my rigs, of maf the first is running W7, and the second is running XP MCE since the W7 drive died.

I used an ilok for protools. Thanks for posting this. I can live with that though.

Posted November 1, You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. If you are still having problems Re-read the box description and found that Select “Restart” at final window prompt. Windows mxc Ultimate x Unfortunately, the installation failed.

Jul 29, 9: Greetings, I could not get my hub to resolve and had given up. They don’t even have to do much – just replace the Silex component Thank you so much for this idea.



Any idea what might be going wrong? It has worked before on W7U, but not now.

Thanks for posting this – it has saved me future grief. Is the Belkin USB Hub wireless or are they just talking a wireless computer can access this through a wireless router? The Software installed and, following re-start, ran perfectly, picking up the three printers and scanner. Jun 18, 3: I’ll try doing so – I don’t really print much ,ac I’ll leave a comment the next days.