After this side view, the number of available connections has been reached Right 2x USB. Quality journalism is made possible by advertising. In all the fan control left a positive impression on us; most of the time the fan noise stayed discreetly in the background. The display lid could be deformed to a small degree when pressure is applied with the hand, though for its Similar to a Skype-window, we have our Facebook, YouTube and Flickr accounts before us in a mini-format.

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Review Packard Bell EasyNote TM87 Notebook – Reviews

The Easynote TM sits right at the low end of this spectrum with an idle-consumption of just 9. There are only three USB-ports, one on the left hand side and two on the right. Realistically during Office applications and brief periods of stress the CPU will be using somewhere around 20 Watts. Even with demanding computer games the notebook still kept a cool head.

Kan, the overall volume is sufficient yet not particularly high.

Is the mobility really as excellent as Packard Bell claims it to be? Single Review, online available, Very Short, Date: The Core i3-system put even lower numbers lxn a run time of 2: Horizontally we were able to deviate 50 degrees from the front viewing position before the display darkened considerably. When using a mouse, both right and left handed users will find that they are at a disadvantage.


The large opening on the underside is rather vulnerable, which is where we find our expansion options: The temperatures were not able to keep pace with the excellent results that we obtained previously in the noise segment. Results such as this procured from stress tests should not serve as a reference for how the system will behave in normal operation. The surfaces and flashy optics look impressive and the device smacks of quality if not in the easynore important details.

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We intentionally show more ads when an adblocker is used. The case is stable and touts a premium look thanks to the matte red surfaces. One should expect to see no more than 35 degrees Celsius when operating the notebook under normal circumstances. We show the least amount of ads whenever possible.

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To support this, the manufacturer has provided a gaudy desktop background in red. Style-oriented customers will certainly get their money’s worth when considering this Please share our article, every link counts!

The touch-surface has both vertical and horizontal scrollbars. The 90 Watt adapter is capacity enough to handle the The vertical scrollbar is haptically marked which is a very pleasant feature.

System Noise When it comes to keeping quiet, Packard Bells There is a tool called, appropriately enough, “Social Networks” from CyberLink which was developed specifically for Packard Bell. Since netbooks hit the market, the expectations of battery life in standard notebooks have also risen. Chromed elements are combined with high-gloss paint and discreet matte surfaces.


There is enough juice to play a DVD movie for a good two hours.

That the keyboard rattles would not describe it correctly; on the one hand there is only a dull noise when typing easynite on the other the pressure point is crisp. Pocket Lint This is a great machine for those in search of brains and beauty – there’s plenty of substance to back up easynnote Packard Bell EasyNote TM’s style. The horizontal movement has to first be enabled in the Synaptics software before use. Because such temperatures spread out to other surface areas that are cooler, it becomes very uncomfortable to use the notebook on one’s lap.

We can scroll both vertically and horizontally with two fingers.

Review Packard Bell EasyNote TM87 Notebook

Similar to a Skype-window, we have easyjote Facebook, YouTube and Flickr accounts before us in a mini-format. Those indulging in Social Networks, watching YouTube videos and writing emails should not worry about the kind of temperatures that we saw under stress. The chrome-plated hinges are protected.