The Treos are rated for only around 4 and a half hours of talk time, the Motorola Q the same. Failing that, you could at least put the connector on the bottom of the device, enabling third-party cradles and desktop chargers. It is so much easier to work with, and I hate the fact that they took off the “Flight Mode” on this new phone. I feel this is ridiculous. Just find the “Accessories” folder and you’ll find “Internet Sharing”.

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No big bulge in the pants pocket, no craving a weekend phone to replace cingularr staid and bulky work smartphone. Lovely main display and good use of the external display.

There are cingukar LEDs on the lid, a blue one to indicate Bluetooth status, and a second tri-color: You’ll use it to pair with devices, set status on, off and discoverable assign fingular stereo headset and handsfree devices and the like.

It synced great, but reception was poor. Anonymous from Amazon 26 Nov In a pleasant surprise, I found that the has an external RF connector, for use with an antenna or cellular amplifier. Press any button to wake up the outer display to check the clock, signal strength, missed calls, charge level and more.

It comes with Microsoft’s standard Bluetooth stack and software which is plain but efficient.


Cingular 3125 (HTC Startrek 100)

The pros are excellent battery backup, good signal reception, nice mp3 capabilities. The phone supports charging over USB and the battery is user-swappable.

The 31255 version trades off a slightly thicker battery, and thus overall thickness, for a higher capacity of milliamp-hours.

I use it at home, work and everywhere there is coverage I hike a lot. Wireless headphones, however, are a completely different story.

Cingular – Smartphone Reviews by Mobile Tech Review

Ironically, the clamshell design fixes one of the major design flaws from previous HTC Smartphones: Battery life is better than the The camera supports digital zoom up to 8x 2x in the highest resolution settinghas several white balance pre-sets, a brightness control rock the d-pad left and right to change brightness and watch the viewfinder until all looks wella self-timer and several effects.

Overall – it fills the bill – Too Bad they won’t sell you a cingulqr with it I have Cingular problems.

Color, clarity, and brightness are all excellent. Speaker phone works well. The font on the main screen is difficult to read because it’s too small. I wouldn’t use this phone in that cingulr.

You can also connect with others in The Informr Community Forum to find and share answers to questions. I feel this is ridiculous.

Cingular Smartphone Review

Or apparently anything, in this case. Input options for text include T9 predictive text input, and the older multi-tap letter selection method. Accessory manufacturers like PocketPCTechs are likely to come out with an adapter that cnigular allow you to use your favorite set of headphones with the and other recent slim HTC devices with that special port.


You’ll have to make do with the included stereo earbud headset with gprd mic and volume controller. It would do well as an extension to a laptop, a companion to a handheld or tablet PC, or a grs device for someone who needs only moderate data use. Battery life is key for any mobile device, and despite the slimness of its design — traditionally a risk factor for poor battery life — the does fairly well.

All of this in addition to the normal information.

Cingular 3125 Smartphone Review

There are also several different battery capacities in use. Not as good as the Nokia or Palm which would easily last a week.

What’s so special about it? Battery Battery life is key for any mobile device, and despite the slimness of its design — traditionally a risk factor for poor battery life — the does fairly well.