I’ve never encountered any problems with port forwarding so far. Believe me, I should know. Just reset the modem and disable DHCP in the modem will be sufficient? I also got the detailed instructions from the User Guide which i downloaded from Aztech’s FTP site not inculded in the box: What are the causes of this problem? I have set it to ‘bridge’ mode in the setup http: I think it is.

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Latelyi was doing some port forwardin work. Hi darkages, I need your help. One other important thing is when it says to flash the files, it doesn’t state the ones which end with. You can download aztedh from Aztech’s website. The speed doesn’t “pick up” again either, unless I disconnect then reconnect.

But maybe that’s cuz it says ‘status: Ahh crap, too late.

Can it act azrech bridge mode for one pc and if dont want bridge mode and can share connection? And i have changed the modem twice because i tried to modify the Portforward IP to This modem is good though.


Dec 24 Just to make sure wait at least 40sec before releasing. Maybe it’s because aztexh status for my Local Area Connection says ‘limited or no connectivity’ My default gateway is null.

As I indicated with the heavy downpours last 2 days line was out, somehow despite rain just now it’s ok today. For me, my firmware version is I already had the same fate on this modem twice! Are you using the latest firmware?

Hope this helps you. Dec 22 Nov 30 Nov 12 As better firmware would make it a good buy however that is only if you dare to get your hands dirty and possibly destroying the warranty along the way. Did u get that sign when u reset urs?

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The page did load for a whilecan see the blue bar at the bottom moving but it stops half way after that. Subang Jaya, Selangor D. Vvian Kalyss to Prem7. By default the username is blank, and the password is admin.


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Sometimes the download just hang in the middle of the downloads. I wish to know how is the DSL light status when: What does your club offer? Just nuked my Aztecu U, so I’m gonna grab one later at Lowyat.

Prem7 Member Oct 9: Sep 30 From what I understand, I should just use an ethernet cable 30u connect my pc to the router at the back. Hi darkages, Thanks for your info Mar 23 ,