Here is the description of all the lines that you can read when you print a self-test. This is true for all error conditions: This is used to print a special logo but not have it take up flash memory. Video Management Software 1. Digital Media Touch Systems 8. The printer beeps, and the On Line light green blinks.

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This command assures that the firmware to 1201 downloaded is the appropriate size for flash memory. When each flash download command is received, the printer returns either ACK or NAK to the host computer when each command is received: The button function may be disabled under software control and it can be used to control the action of a defined macro.

Graphics Commands 1B 59 etc. If the Flash if found corrupted during Level 0 diagnostics the download mode is automatically entered after the printer has reset.

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In this case, the printer assigns 0 as the adiohm logo identifier. Mechanical kit x1 Reference: Data are still encoded vertically.


If it does, it also returns the list of available font Ids single byte, double byte that can be used to download a font.

One of the operands of the 1C 44 command designates the operand for the 1B 74 n command that will select that code page. Use the rubber pads if you are mounting the printer on the wall. The operations performed depend on the value of n, according to the following parameters. Recovers from a fault after clearing the receive and print buffers. In either case, but more quickly in the case of an error condition, the buffer can fill with Real Time commands.

RS or USB interface.

Print Characteristics May Label Printer Ribbons 1. Print settings that are normally preserved from line to line, such as character height and width, are still preserved with this operand. This command will store the default code page in non-volatile memory. Check the power-supply and cables connections.

Only bit 0 is used. Pure in its concept and quality.

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Doublewide characters may be used in the same line with singlewide characters. High Quality Hardware Barcode Scanners.


See Print Specifications for the character sets. Exceptions The command is valid only at the beginning of a line. The printer is reset to the standard print mode after a Clear Printer 10 command is received.

Each returned message is defined as: One side of receipt is missing. Receipt cover may not be fully closed. The instructions indicate whether xxiohm select something with a short click, a long click, or a series of short clicks.

Page 32 Printer Screws User-defined characters are available until power is turned off or the Initialize Printer command 1B 40 is received. Setting remains unchanged until printer reboots, or command 1B 40 resets active user defined font axioh default. The Set Printing Area Width command 1D 57which follows this command, sets the width of the printing area.