You are currently viewing LQ as a guest. Thanks a lot for your support! We’ll be making backups of everything that is overwritten, so if you need to you can revert anything here! Please understand that this may, under rare circumstances, make your system unstable! It apparently can be fixed I didn’t install what I was supposed to. Acceleration enabled For some reason, you don’t get 3D acelleration even though the log says you do. It’s just a matter of making the crashes fewer to be able to live with ’em.

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Did the card freeze after Part 1, or did it just work? I am running in a dual monitor set-up using the mergedFB option of the Radeon driver. I don’t really care any more, but any of you should post here atj they had any crashes at all since following this guide.

I have very little knowledge about GLCore, unfortunately. I’ve been having rdeon troubles with the graphics in my computer. But it is promising! Yes fglrx is the proprietary ATI driver, but it does not support all the ATI cards and recently dropped support for some older cards that are supported by the open source radeon driver.


GRAPHICS : ATI Radeon IGP 320M AKA Mobility U1

I’ve also found out another strange fact: I guess the other guy’s suggestion was right after all can’t remember his name. Remove the current version you have, and all its stuff, then install these. Moblity chipset is an M6 wiht 8MB of video memory. But the fault was thateven Xorg-air has been installed the old Xorg still got loaded by gdm.

I’m speaking from experience.

Invalid argument EE xf86OpenSerial: You now have patched drivers. However, I can still help you here if you want. They eventually get an answer, but they seem to know what they are doing.

ATI Mobility Radeon U1 – Linux Hardware – Compatible Support Forums

Can you give me a copy of syslog? I noticed that, but what about this? Posted February 16, It just means your video card doesn’t support certain effects, like water ripples, etc. After that you should be able to upgrade without issues. I hoe you still have enough fuzzy feelings to help me ahi here If they crash, I’ll test yours, and see if yours crash or not.


I despise the “edgily” joke – it’s way overused. Sign In Sign Up. I’m sure many understand that one.

AMD/ATI drivers for mobility / notebook graphics and Microsoft Windows

Having a problem logging in? Linux Hardware Search In. Now I still have not seen any crash on this laptop since 3D drivers have been activated I’m sure I’ll figure all this out one day, but right now it would help me love Ubuntu just tadeon get things running the way I want them to!

Because we are overwriting drivers you are currently using, X will crash if it is still running.

rzdeon When I say “work with this tutorial”, I mean It took quite a bit of work to get the ATI drivers to work that much. Both laptops had breezy installed and were than upgraded. I realize it’s not “Feisty” or “Ubuntu” that’s the problem.

I usually get