But it will be the test results that will either prove or disprove what I claim. Just if I understand the settings a bit Posted February 11, Updated to the moded bios that support even 4G ram sticks and this quad core, but that CPU is probably not going to help me to get higher scores in anything besides Cinebench or other multihreading benches. How much higher Vcore depend on this formula: In my personal opinion, running quad’s is not worth it because of the FSB hit and few of the games supporting quad cores. I owned the 4-core dual sata 2 , and it was SUCH a hunk of junk.

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I’m still waiting for the availability of the Celeron 3. So I see a big potencial in this mobo. Too much bloatware for me. That is where most people fail and their results can be 775duxl-vsta beated.

I’m not familiar with the Celeron or The top limit is very low. I still have the board, but it’s not asrick use. This is conflicting with the other PCI bus entry right above it in the device manager list. Other users are reporting the same and it’s a miracle if you get above !


I did not have whole bunch of Socket CPU’s, but they are dirt cheap to get some might be even donated for the test and even ATM I got few, that are worth testing:.

Hopefully some more members here can chime in with 775dyal-vsta experiences. The weak Vcore regulator can be greatly improved by using quality caps and adding the missing caps.

ASRock 775DUAL-VSTA – motherboard – ATX – LGA775 Socket – PT880 Ultra

Nonetheless, performance does not seem to suffer noticeably. There are absolutely minimal gains, tough. As for the impact of settings and stability – well, almost all the settings cause some asrck.

Same goes with the PCI Express bus, anything above creates problems. It is also a very cool running CPU and it’s very easy and cheap to get hold off.

But waiting for such components is tiresome New poster here but have been lurking in these forums for awhile. Love those Asrock boards Don’t 775dual-vstw post at once now With them, I believe, it will shine.

Installed 98 on Asrock Dual-VSTA (Via-chipset) – Windows 9x/ME – MSFN

That way they can possibly beat the G. That might help your situation. The only issue is extracting the daughter from the motherboard she helped build it so claims a part-interest.

I used an agp card [fx ultra], a couple of pci sounds cards and a firewire card. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Despite the mainboard have 4 stolen caps from CPU VRM and not a single bottom sided under CPU socket cap where are place for two of them and 775dual-veta have not do yet any mods to it, it run very stable and reliable for me. Asrock wasn’t always an ok board maker. Of asorck, low overclocking options doesn’t necessarily mean low overclockability, a prime example being the 775dual-vstq P Neo.


Posted July 29, edited.

These were made back when asrock made diablotek grade hardware. I have to agree, that except for the CPU clock, the memory bandwitch is everything there.

Could be because of using 24pin PSU connector and the need 775dua-vsta cut a bit the plastic at the end, I check this later to see.

Register a new account. I had to recap the motherboard recently as all the caps were starting to bulge one by one. They should be able to do those timings at that voltage.