Open your web browser, then type ” Added DHCP server 5. The data rate rating only represent the physical layer data rate. WiFi hardware button does work correctly. Cancel reset to default when firmware upgrade. Added detecting line in Object Counting. Create Exposure Setting function 2.

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There seems to be some virus or browser bug recently that is causing this issue.

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Hold the reset button while plugging the power. Added camera status dialog 4. Added Gmail dl in Mail server 2. Therefore, it is an important function for office and Hotspot operator to protect the security between different wireless users. The biggest disadvantage for AdHoc mode is that no network device can be attached to the network directly, thus making connection to LAN and Internet difficult.


Wl – Pcm Driver – musics-friendly

Fixed 540 Counter function failed. Improved performance and faster operation speed. Improved Division Switching speed. Fixed display wrong screen with system reset to year issue 5.

Product Size L x W x H mm. Samba airlvie, recycle function fail. Add Event alarm report dialog 6. WiFi hardware button does work correctly.

WL-5460AP v2

The other method is to enter a text and let the computer generate the WEP key for you. Added pull-down list in Face Detection Quantity. It might not work for different products. How many users can we link to an access point?

What is the problem? Added detecting line in Object Counting. There is no access point or wireless router in the network.

Remote add bit-rate log function 3. The WAN port become the wireless function. The performance of Web Mail is improved.

TOP Firmware Version 1. How can I use it? Improved playback engine and easier to playback.


Fixed USB device recording list get the wrong files 5. Then check the remote management, please change the port number to “80”. Support IP Camera configuration manually.

Airlive Drivers Download – Airlive

Improved Firmware upgrade process. Added SD card fail notification.

If it is, it has emergency code function. APN information is wrong when using auto-detect mode. Add keep record minimum days 2. Set IVS setting preview window to large scale. Please check your model name first.